Hey Guitarworks, who are you?

We’re just a bunch of guitar nerds, just like you.  We’ve been doing this a long time though, almost 30 years.  Today, we have 4 stores, all located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  If you want to really get to know us, you can read our About Us section here.

So where are these 4 stores?

You’ll find our stores spread out all over this city.  Head to our Hours and Locations page here to learn more.

What’s Guitarworks Premium?

Guitarworks Premium is the name of our shop on 16th Ave.  It’s a little smaller than the others but it’s filled with the cream of our crop (guitar and amp wise).  On our website, you can browse the Guitarworks Premium stock by itself if you just want to drool over some guitar porn.  Photos for Guitarworks Premium products are shot in house of the actual guitar we have in stock available for sale.

Where do you ship?  How much will it cost me?

We can ship just about anywhere.  If your order is over $99 CAD, shipping is free within Canada.  US orders just pay a flat $60 CAD shipping rate.  If you’re somewhere else, we can probably still ship to you, but you’ll need to contact us first.  Read our full Shipping Policy here.

What if I don’t like this thing I ordered?

Don’t worry, you get 7 days from the date you receive your order to try it and if you’re not in love, you can return it.  Read our full Return Policy here.

How much tax will I pay?

All Canadian orders are subject to 5% GST.  International orders will not be charged tax.

Can you teach me how to play?

You bet, we offer in store lessons at our Macleod Trail, Crowfoot Crossing and Crossiron Mills locations.  Read more about our Lesson Program here.

Can you fix my broken instrument?

Of course, we have a couple of really top-notch instrument technicians on staff who can do anything from changing your strings to gluing your headstock back on.  Get more info on our Repairs Department here.

What about humidity for my instrument?

We highly recommend that guitar humidifiers be used with all instruments, particularly with acoustic guitars with solid tops or all solid construction.  Guitars like a relative humidity of around 45%, which is hard to maintain in your home, even if you have a home humidifier or live in a more humid part of the world than us.  Consequences of a dry guitar can range from altering the action and playability of the guitar to splits and cracks in the wood, and dryness is a problem that no manufacturer will provide warranty coverage for.  So please, keep your purchase humidified, you can browse our selection of humidifiers here.

I’m looking for something specific and don’t see it on your website, can you guys order it for me?

Probably.  If it’s a product from any of our brands, then yes.  You can always contact us if you’re looking for something specific.

The product I’m looking at on your site is only in stock in one of your stores, will you be shipping me the floor model?

Yeah, we’re not afraid to ship you the guitars we have in store.  We are still real, live, breathing brick and mortar music shops.  Not just a stuffy warehouse (although we have one of those too, and will usually ship from our warehouse stock first when that option is available).  Buying from us online is just like coming into one of our shops.  If you place an order for a floor model and your product shows any signs of having been used, we will always contact you before shipping to discuss. 

Can you order me (insert model here) from Chapman Guitars?

Yes!  Although this can require some patience.  Since the launch of the new lineup of Chapman Guitars in 2017, demand has been amazing.  We have been very proud to be the first Chapman dealer in Canada, but they are a unique guitar company to work with.  First, we cannot just order a single guitar.  The business model of Chapman Guitars is to deliver as much bang for the buck in a guitar as is possible.  One of the ways they do that is by selling directly from the factories to their dealers.  This means that the guitars are built as they are ordered, and the orders need to be in bulk.  For any Chapman model that we order, it must be ordered in multiples of 4, and each order has a minimum number of units.  We place an order for anywhere between 20-40 guitars at a time every couple of months, and once that order is placed, it takes roughly 4-5 months for the order to be scheduled into the factory, built, tested, packed and shipped from Korea to us.  We will continue to build our Chapman inventory up, but right now the best way for you to get your hands on one is to place your preorder when the model you want becomes available on our site.  We welcome your requests and feedback, and it’s helpful in the ordering process, since we want to make sure we keep bringing in enough of the models our customers want the most.  Contact us with any questions or requests.

I’m new to playing guitar, can you help me navigate the F chord?

No, sorry.  It’s a rite of passage we all must face in our own courageous way.