Demo Chapman ML3 Pro Bea Baritone Irithyll Burst w/Case


Brand new guitar that suffered some shipping damage en route to us.  Small crack on guitar face around knob from impact.  Electronics and components all tested, everything fully functioning normally.  Guitar weighs 7 lbs 10 oz, includes hardshell case.

From Chapman:

The ML3BEA Baritone in Irithyll Burst is a new take on my baritone guitar. I wanted to create a darker, moodier and heavier sounding guitar, using solid Hipshot hardware, and a stunning exotic Mapa Burl top.
Designed to be a versatile baritone instrument, the ML3BEA ITB is a 28” scale guitar, allowing to tune much lower, or use lighter strings and keep use it as a low tuned lead instrument.
The finish (Irithyll Burst), is inspired by From Softwares's Dark Souls 3 referencing ‘Irithyll Of The Boreal Valley's dark and icy night skies, with darkness hidden deep within, complemented by the guitar's detailed top.
Housing my signature Bare Knuckle SILO pickup in the bridge, and a Seymour Duncan Little ‘59 in the neck hooked up to the 5-way super switch. The tonal variety in this guitar is huge!
For me, I feel the ML3BEA guitars have reached their final form. I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I do!

HEADSTOCK    Angled Heritage Headstock
TUNERS    Hipshot Grip-Lock Open (18:1 Gearing)
STRING NUT    42mm Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL Nut
NECK    Wenge with Satin Finish
NECK JOINT    Recessed Bolt-on Neck with Volute
WIDTH:         NUT     42mm          22F     58mm
THICKNESS:           1F    21.5mm           12F     23mm
PROFILE:         C Shape
TRUSS ROD    Dual Action
FRETBOARD    Wenge Fretboard with Rolled Edges
FRETS    22 Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets
FRET MARKERS    Glow-in-the-Dark Side Dots
12TH FRET INLAY    Mother-of-Pearl Infinity
SCALE LENGTH    711mm (~28")
BODY TOP    Poplar Burl Solid Flat Top with Satin Finish
BODY BACK    Alder with Satin Finish
BODY CARVES    Arm Carve, Front Lower Spoon Cut, Rear Tummy Cut, Rear Lower Spoon Cut, Rear Heel Contour
BRIDGE    Hipshot Hardtail
Seymour Duncan SL59 Mini Humbucker Mini Humbucker
Bare Knuckle Silo Rabea Signature Humbucker Humbucker
PICKUP SWITCH    5 Way Super Switch with Coil Split
CONTROLS    Master Volume (500k), Master Tone (500k)
STRAP BUTTONS    Chapman Strap Locks
STRINGS    Ernie Ball Super Slinky, Nickel Wound, Custom 12-60
CASE    Chapman Pro Hard Case
GUITAR WEIGHT    Approx. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
POSITION 1    Bridge
POSITION 2    Bridge + Neck Only Split (Outer Coil)
POSITION 3    Bridge + Neck
POSITION 4    Neck + Bridge Only Split (Outer Coil)
POSITION 5    Neck

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