Marshall Studio Classic 112 70W Cabinet Stealth SC112BK


The Marshall Studio Classic SC112 cabinet is the perfect partner for your Studio Classic SC20H 20W head. Featuring classic Marshall design, a 12" Celestion speaker, and a compact build, this cabinet is the perfect complement to the Marshall 20W head.

Classic Marshall Design
When you see the white script letters bearing the name "Marshall" on anything, you don't have to question the quality. This cab speaks for itself. With its sleek, all-black, tough-as-nails design, this cab just screams rock 'n' roll wherever it's placed.

12" Celestion Speaker
The power behind this cab is in its 12" Celestion V-Type speaker. Excellently designed and built to get the most sound of its size, this Celestion takes all the killer tone from the head and projects it flawlessly. It's as crystal clear and articulate at low volumes as it is at high.

Compact Build
Made to match the size of the Marshall Studio Classic 20W head, this cab pairs excellently with that head's compact design. It can be easily transported to wherever you're playing and it won't feel like your arms are made of jelly by the time you arrive.


  • Classic Marshall Design
  • Compact Build
  • 1x12" Celestion V-Type 70W Speaker / 16 Ohms
  • Awesome Rock Tonal Projection
  • Incredibly Portable

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